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The Mid-Autumn festival

The Mid-Autumn festival

Time Together across the Strait

2021 AOSIF Mid-Autumn Festival Cake Dinner

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
Reunions the warmth reflected in the beautiful moonlight, this beautiful scene together.Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, 
In order to thanks for all the staff's hard work , strengthen internal communication, promote the harmonious relationship between employees, improve team morale and cohesion. AOSIF held the Mid-Autumn Festival Cake dinner on September 10.
In the evening of the 10th,September, the AOSIF Family gathered together.
In the melodious sound of dice hitting.

Celebrate the joy of the festival together
Win a good start
When Moon Cake Gambling started
Everyone tried their best to roll the dice in turn
in the hope of getting desired prizes.
Everyone was happily immersed in the gambling with sound of dices and cheers spreading over the dinner party
King of the champions
All champions appeared one by one at each table after aboil gambling,and prepared for the final King of Champions gambling.
Others also gained lots of prizes
The AOSIF Mid-autumn Festival dinner ended up successfully with emerge of the King of Champions.
In such happy moment, we wish all AOSIF members a happy holiday and good luck to start a new journey.

Epidemic prevention and control reminder
The current epidemic is repeating and holidays are approaching. Colleagues are asked to minimize going out, avoid crowded areas, do not participate in public activities and dinners with relatives and friends, wear masks when going out, strengthen personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, and protect personal and family members.

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