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Mobile Power Station


Mobile Power Station

Aosif’s mobile power station is an independent complete power equipment and system. It falls into two major categories: onboard power station and trailer power station. Onboard power station has good mobility: its movement speed is designed to be consistent with that of ordinary vans. 

Trailer power station has mobility somewhat less than that of the onboard type. It is equipped with traction head and turntable, requires vehicle traction and is usually designed with a movement speed around 45KM/H.

Structure and characteristics of trailer mobile power station are as follows,
Traction mechanism: movable hooks, 180° turntable, height adjustable traction head. Flexible turning and convenient operation.

Chassis: notched beam welded frame structure, reasonably selected nodes, high strength, good rigidity; trailer chassis equipped with leaf springs for damping.
Brake system: can be equipped with reliable air brake connector and manual brake system to ensure driving safety.

Support: mechanical or hydraulic support device is provided to ensure operating stability of the mobile power station.
Electrical indication: fitted with steering and brake lights as well as tail lights to meet the requirements of travelling on the road.
Axle: steel tube welded straight-axle, compact, safe and reliable.
Dimensions: according to the specifications of power

Appearance: painted with customizable colors. Text and decoration on the genset can be made according to user’s requirements. 

In addition to the advantages of trailer type, onboard mobile power station has mobility and performance essentially the same with vans, thus meeting all road traffic vehicle standards. Appropriate chassis of genset is provided according to specifications and customer requirements (such as Dongfeng, JMC, etc.).It can be designed to be common type or silent type. 

Silent type genset is achieved through rational layout in the vehicle, with noise-reducing grids installed in air intake and exhaust ducts to reduce the transmission of noise. And aisles are reserved in the generation compartment for inspection and maintenance of the genset. The damping system is optimized. With carefully designed and manufactured noise reducer of the air intake and exhaust system, the overall noise of compartment can be reduced by up to 70 dBs.

Aosif’s mobile power station is equipped with a sound distribution system and protection device, the control system can be configured with multiple optional functions such as dual-voltage dual-frequency power system to meet the electricity needs of different occasions. 

By switching devices and changing the tap connection inside the motor, different voltage is output, and with different speed set, the operating frequency will also be changed. At the same time, a variety of protection parameters are set up in the control system to ensure the safe operation of power station. Mobile power station leasing companies can also be equipped with satellite positioning and online real-time monitoring system. 

In this way, they can log on device monitoring page on the PC to view all the operation and parameters, simply with a local SIM card and a little traffic. It will greatly facilitate the genset monitoring, while saving manpower and resources.

 For the purpose of quick power supply, genset can be equipped with a dedicated cable plugs and sockets. Specifications may be configured according to different national voltage levels, IP rating and number of poles. Electric or manual cable winch can also be designed for easy cable management and mobile transportation.

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