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Outdoor Liquid Cooling Cabinet

AOSIF’s Outdoor Liquid Cooling Cabinet is built using innovative liquid cooling technology and is fully-integrated modular and compact energy storage system designed for ease of deployment and configuration to meet your specific operational requirement and application including flexible peak shaving, renewable energy integration, frequency/voltage regulation, T&D enhancement, micro-grid, backup power and more.

The system including highly safety LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery system with 4~8 battery packs, liquid cooling system, fire suppression system, monitoring system and auxiliary system is highly optimized for flexible usage in 500~1500V DC voltage connection, which is compliant with international standard and north American standard.

The all-in-one outdoor designed cabinet could be configurated to from commercial & industrial use to utility scale and can meet the application requirements of centralized or distributed power plant, industrial and commercial parks, intelligent buildings, communities, PV & storage & charging station, and other scenarios.

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